2nd Interim meeting in Würzburg

12th October 2017

After a successful Year 1 all project partners met againg in Würzburg for the 2nd interim meeting. Sara Ranjbar and Thomas Hertle have joined the team of Anke Krüger in summer 2017 and presented their latest results from the lab. Thomas Rehm and Benjamin Sahlmann introduced the recent developments in flow reactors and LED technology, respectively. Stefanie Roth from Project Management Jülich delivered best regards from Dennis Krämer (DECHEMA), who was not able to participate this time. She also provided the latest news about funding and networking in the research field of CO2 valorization. After the scientific part of the meeting the group joined for a short sight seeing tour in downtown Würzburg and finally ended up in the Juliusspital Weinstuben for a delicious dinner.

1st CO2Plus workshop on CO2 life cycle assessment (LCA)

24th March 2017

Anke Krüger and Thomas Rehm participated at this first workshop on LCA. The meeting was organized by the colleagues of DECHEMA from the CO2Net+ project and took place at the DECHEMA house in Frankfurt am Main. During this meeting the main boundaries and scenaria were discussed for the CO2 LCA.

1st Interim meeting in Würzburg

2nd March 2017

Today all project partners and Dennis Krämer from DECHEMA met in Würzburg for the 1st CarbonCat interim meeting. After a delicious lunch in the local university casino the latest results were presented and future steps were discussed.

Participants of the 1st interim meeting: Benjamin Sahlmann, Thomas Rehm, Anke Krüger, Patrick Löb and Dennis Krämer (from left to right).

CO2Plus kick-off meeting

29th / 30th November 2016

The official CO2Plus program kick-off took place in Frankfurt am Main. Thomas Rehm and Patrick Löb from IMM as well as Benjamin Kiendl from UWÜ participated at this meeting. Thomas Rehm gave a short presentation about the CarbonCat approach. In sum 13 projectes are funded by the support measure CO2Plus.

Website online

6th Oct. 2016

Today the CarbonCat project website was launched!

Project kick-off meeting

27th Sept. 2016

At 27th September 2016 the project consortium met at Fraunhofer IMM in Mainz for the official project kick-off meeting. Dr. Stefanie Roth from Project Management Jülich was invited as a representative of the support measure CO2Plus giving a talk about the administrative rules and pitfalls. The consortium members gave introductive talks on the scientific challenges and goals of the project. A lab tour completed the official program showing the background of IMM in microreactor technology.

Project starts

1st Sept. 2016

At 1st September 2016 the CarbonCat project is launched. Fraunhofer IMM, Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg and Sahlmann Photochemical Solutions will work on the development of a novel diamond-based catalyst system inside a continuously running microreactor for the transformation of CO2 into valuable C1 chemicals.

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